Frequently Asked Questions
How do I register?

Registration is free to everyone. Just complete the access data.

What services have additional cost?

Services related to advertising have an additional cost. Like positioning your profile or bost a post. Promotional services packages can be found on the website.

On the other hand, Swingee has Swingee VIP to be able to opt for its travel club, profile verification, visualization of the rest of VIP members, etc. Have a swingee VIP membership has an additional cost.

How much cost a VIP membership?

The annual VIP membership membership cost 500$.

What are the advantages of being VIP?

With the VIP option you can:
-Join with people of high purchasing power (since they have the power to pay the membership).
-View the posts of the entire Swingee community.
-Access to the exclusive travel club with discounts of up to 50% in hotels around the world.
-Absolute Privacy.
-Post promoted free.
-Ability to verify your profile.
-Options of visibility and privacy post.
-Who saw your profile.

How to make money with Swingee?

Making money with swingee is simple, just sign up for our affiliate panel and follow the promotion instructions. For each person you enter you will get 50% of the benefits. That is, if the person pays 199$, you earn 99$ that will automatically add up to your affiliate panel.

How to be Keyplayer?

Enter in and follow the instructions.

How can I be a verified user?

To be verified in swingee first you need to have a membership and send by email to a full body photo or face holding sheet with date and your nickname. Then you must follow one of the following options:

A) In-person interview during stay at Original Resorts hotels with a member of the Swingee team.
B) Video call through Swingee with a manager.

How do I promote my post?

You can hire one of the packages of additional cost of swingee or press up to the right of the post in the "three points", there give the option to promote post (Boost post). VIP users have some free boost per year.

How to find people?

In the search bar above you can search for hashtag, people or keywords.

How do I invite my friends?

We recommend that you invite them through our keyplayer program and give them your personalized code because you can earn 50% of their membership.

How to create a page / Group?

Up to the right, clicking on the profile arrow click on my pages or my groups and then add new page / group.

What can I show in my feed?

VIP users can decide whether to show their post for all swingee members or show them only in VIP for more privacy.

Why do you ask for a VIP fee?

We want the network to be as private as possible since there are couples and singles who upload their personal photos showing nudes, faces, etc.
We do not want these photos to be exposed to the public, that they can see them friends, children or relatives since it is a very exclusive world.
Charging an access fee prevents anyone from accessing your personal photos.
On the other hand, the payment is also made to verify that you are an adult and thus prevent children from entering the page.
We created two types of Swingee. An exclusive one for a group of select people who also look for security and privacy and another open without security for everyone.
Is the payment secure?

We have secure payment platforms and integrated systems to prevent theft by third parties.
We also have different payment methods for you to use the one that gives you the most confidence.

I'm single, can I join Swinger?

Swingee is created for swingers but that does not mean that they are not accepted singles. There are many couples who like to meet other men or other women to make a threesome. Or simply singles in the lifestyle that do not have a couple at the moment.
Anyone interested in the lifestyle is welcome in swingee either in the Public or the VIP.

How to change the language?

You can change the language by visiting "My Profile" option below the bottom of the third column.

How to find other members?

In the main bar, the members option have all swingee users. If you are looking for someone in particular, in the search bar you can find the user using her nickname.

How do I know who see my message?

VIP users can choose who will see their post. If only users with memberships, public users or all members of Swingee. When you write a post, you have all three options right next to the publish button.

Do you have any other questions? Add it here and we will respond within 48 working hours.